As a chiropractic physician, my number one goal is getting my patients functional and back to the activities that they either want or need to do as quickly as possible. The massage therapists at The Stillpoint Therapeutic Massage Center have been an integral part in aiding in the healing process. They have been very helpful in the management of both chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions. My most difficult task as a doctor is finding other great healthcare providers to refer my patients to when they need additional services that I may not be able to provide. The Stillpoint Therapeutic Massage Center is far and away my most easy easy referral. - Dr. Robert A. - Hudson & Brimfield, Ohio

Our Story

Jackie Wolf, BSIE, LMT founded The Stillpoint

Therapeutic Massage Center to create a diverse, specialized massage therapy clinic that would provide competent musculoskeletal therapy and soft tissue rehabilitation for the purpose of corrective and restorative care. There is a significant need for clinical massage therapy and a void of licensed massage therapists with the education and clinical experience to do so.

Our Story //