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What Our Clients Say

I have suffered from migraine headaches for over 50 years. Recently a good friend told me about Jackie Wolf and how her treatments were working for  her and could possibly help my migraines. I am migraine free for more than six months. Having suffered one to two migraines a week discontinuing countless doctor visits and expensive medication was an added benefit. I am so appreciative of the expertise I found with Jackie. She is a very gifted person who has really helped me. Rick D. -- Tallmadge, OH

I have suffered with progressive scoliosis for most of my adult life. I have had two back surgeries and have metal rods in by back. When it was getting difficult to get out of bed in the morning  I started going to Jackie at least once per month. my scoliosis is still there but my quality of life is so much better. I have less pain and more mobility. Great job! Katie G. -- Copley, OH

My wife has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for over ten years.  Before starting cranialsacral therapy with Jackie Wolf, we had managed to get the daily pain level down from 10 to about 7 through regular massage from a different therapist, some medication and a lot of rest.  In January 2007 my wife started weekly cranialsacral sessions with Jackie.  Since then I have seen a gradual but dramatic improvement in my wife's condition - a daily pain level down to around 3 and the ability to participate in daily activities that she had previously had to stop because of the pain.  It's like she is living again and not just suffering.  The cranialsacral therapy has been the single most important component of my wife's ongoing recovery and my children and
I are deeply grateful for it.  
Thanks Jackie!  Dave Z -- Doylestown, OH
I can not explain in words what The Stillpoint has done for me physically and mentally.  My mobility suffers from a nerve disease called CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease) which makes getting around difficult.  Also, I have been going to physical therapy since I was 5 years old and it does not compare to what I achieve at the Stillpoint.  Jackie and her team made me believers when I doubted how much they could actually help. At the beginning,  I did minimal activity from tightness with my core muscles and they focused on my tight muscle groups: abdomen, legs and back. Within weeks, my mobility has improved greatly and just when I thought I would have to hang my golf clubs up for good, I am back on the course.  They are life changers and I would recommend them to anyone struggling with pain, tightness or muscle/nerve weakness.  They are the best at what they do and you will feel a difference after your first visit!   -Mike L -- Hudson, OH