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Treating Athletes

"Jackie and I have be closely affiliated for the last two years. In that time she has been highly effective in providing treatment and education to myself and multiple members of the Kent State Track and Field Team. She has tremendous knowledge when working with athletes and has continued to not only allow our athletes to arrive to meets healthy but has solved many ongoing problems that otherwise appeared un-treatable. I consider her and the staff at The Stillpoint Therapeutic Massage Center a valuable asset to our athletes training needs" 
Phil R. - Kent State Track Coach

"I am an umpire of DI. II and III Women's Lacrosse where speed, agility and endurance are essential. After suffering through several seasons of plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis and, sadly, having a couple seasons cut short due to these as well as other sports injuries, I was feeling pretty discouraged. Jackie changed all of that! After a couple of sessions, the tendonitis was gone. Since scheduling regular appointments with Jackie, I have completed every game of the season! As an athlete, herself, and a former engineer, she possesses the empathy, knowledge and understanding of how an athlete's body functions. Jackie is a gifted massage therapist with a passion for her profession as well as taking care of her clients. She is also the ultimate professional with a kind, gentle and respectful way about her. As you can see, I can't say enough about Jackie. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with her - your body will thank you!"
Connie W. - Macedonia, Ohio

The key benefit of sports massage is Injury Prevention

The Stillpoint therapists treat athletes at all levels: High School, Collegiate, Professional, and Amateur.

As an athlete, you train hard.  Maximum effort is required and does not come without a painful price. This pain comes from trauma - injury that is occurring or has already occurred to the affected muscle tissue.  Permanent microdamage occurs each and every time you play in pain and it will eventually have its effect as reduced mobility and possibly a shortened athletic career.

Massage PREVENTS the repeated damage before it happens!

Massage loosens muscle fibers, separating them from one another so they can act freely and with more flexibility.  Massage also helps lengthen muscles shortened by the frequent and hard contractions of athletics.  It eliminates fatigue, promotes relaxation, relieves swelling, reduces muscle tension and helps prevent soreness.  It can also speed recovery from injury.

Athletes will benefit from sports massage whether you are sore or injured.