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Welcome To The Stillpoint Therapeutic Massage Center

"Our philosophy is dedicated to supporting your healing and ultimate return to everyday activities."

e are facilitators of the healing process.  

We guide your body to heal itself.   

Your wellness is our number one priority.

This is accomplished by delivering professional and compassionate massage therapy, using scientific approaches and techniques that are extremely effective.

Each session will be customized and designed around your specific needs. 

The negative effects of stress will be reversed, damaged muscle tissue will be repaired, and pain throughout the body will be reduced or alleviated. 



What is a STILLPOINT? 

The moment when dysfunctional tissue surrenders and releases to a healing state.  
It is not a temporary state but the beginning step to healing and well being.
 Therapeutic Massage Center Cleveland
"When you touch a body, you touch the whole person,
the intellect, the spirit and the emotions."

- Jane Harrington

The Stillpoint Therapeutic Massage Center is in Suite 100 at 1340 Corporate Drive in Hudson, OH.
Appointments Scheduled Monday through Saturday by calling: 330-650-1227 or email: